BB signed his first record deal with a major label at sixteen. Over the years he’s produced records and composed songs for such international stars as Madonna and has collaborated with the former Saving Abel vocalist Scotty Austin as well as award winning record producer Malcolm Springer. After years of self-exile from performing he’s back! That is, if the world lasts that long…

Since 2006 his music and book reviews appeared in assorted publications. Beginning in 2012, his novels “Pajamas on a Sun Stained Beach”, “The Freaky Fungal Family Tree” (2021), “Alice” (2022), were published and well received. For nearly 40 years Steven’s owned and managed Mia Mind Music, a successful entertainment promotion and marketing company that has accumulated multiple Gold and Platinum R.I.A.A. Record Awards in association with various record companies and artists. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, he now resides contently in Hoboken, New Jersey. He currently hosts the popular and highly entertaining “The Stevie B Experience”, and gives much of the credit for the guitar sound you hear in the installments to Elixir Strings (N.B.: this isn’t a paid endorsement). Need to know more? Then go to www.facebook.com/thebbstevens

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